About This Site

1. About the Items for Sale
Items listed on this site are the ones I have owned over the years and are either lightly used or like new if stated and for sale and listed also on NextDoor.com and sometimes on Facebook.

This site is simply a catalog of what is available for sale today.

I have taken great care of these items over the years. Most all of them look like new.

2. Why I am selling so many things
I am moving and downsizing from a 5 bedroom large home to a 2 bedroom unit. Therefore I need to sell a load of stuff quickly.

3. Why not make an offer
So if you see something you like but don't like the price, just make an offer via NextDoor. I will then reply back and let you know if:

a) I accept your offer and then you can arrange a time to come by to pick the item up


b) I will send you a counter offer in case your offer is too low.

Remember, I am moving and trying to get rid of lot of stuff. So feel free to reach out.

4. How to Contact Me
For any questions or to make an offer you may contact me via NextDoor only. This keeps the spammers & bad actors out. 

5. Payment Method
All purchases must be made in person. Please bring cash only with exact change.

6. Connect Via NextDoor
A link to contact me via NextDoor is provided on each item page just below the product description.


7. Location for pickup
Items can be picked up from my place or a public location such as a Grocery Store or Gas Station. All visits are strictly by appointment only. I plan my day in 15 minute increments. So if you are not able to make it within the time frame scheduled in advance, just let me know and we will re-schedule. In other words, please don't just show up without advance notice. Contact me via NextDoor first.

8. Have Questions
Feel free to ask me any questions you may have 24/7 about the items for sale. I try to reply within a few minutes unless I am sleeping or driving.

9. All sales are final.


10. And now, a little shameless plug.

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Need help creating or fixing a web site? I am your man. I created this site in just one day using Shopify's free DAWN theme. I purchased the domain name "NicksMoving.shop" for just $0.98 for one year from NameCheap.com. And I am only paying $1/month to Shopify for the first 3 months for hosting this site. In other words, this site has only costed me $3.98 plus a bit of my time.

I am a Shopify partner and will be happy to lend a hand if you are interested in selling online or just wanting to start making a little side income from home selling online or in person or if you just want to learn how to make cool websites.

I also have 21 years of experience selling T-Shirts on Amazon and eBay and 5 years on Etsy. Feel free to reach out if you need any help in any of these areas.

Kind Regards,
Nick M.

Nicks Web Shop